Carder Proposed to MacKenzie!

SHE SAID YES! Carder & MacKenzie have been dating for about two years now, and when you know.. you know! Carder reached out to me a couple months ago to start planning this engagement, I was sooo pumped! He had planned to propose with his grandmothers ring! The day before he proposed we drove down to the beautiful farm and planned everything out, I knew he was super nervous. When the shoot finally came around, I had them in a super casual outfit so I could get MacKenzie warmed up in front of my lens, and so she wouldn’t suspect anything because Carder wanted the majority of the shots with a ring on her finger!

The first pose we did once they changed outfits was Carder down on his knee. MacKenzie was so happy she was in tears and her hands were shaking so bad Carder had a hard time putting the ring on hahah! We finished the shoot off with popping some champagne, beautiful flowers from Wildly Native and some walks around the farm. Then, off to dinner they went! Congrats Carder & MacKenzie!

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